Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program open to all students?

UBC students of all academic years, from all faculties, with an interest in consulting, are welcome to apply to the Strategy Consulting Initiative. This program is only open to current students. Students who finish all their courses by December, but have not officially graduated, are considered current students.

Is there a minimum grade requirement?

All students are welcome to apply, but past participants typically have a general average of at least 80% or a GMAT score of 650+. 

Is prior experience in strategy consulting necessary?

There are no particular experiences that we specifically look out for. However we will look for students who have demonstrated leadership, initiative, teamwork and problem solving through their prior experiences.

What does the application process look like?

There is an initial application package which involves a resume, cover letter, and transcript. Next stage candidates will be asked to come in for a case interview and a behavioral case. After which, we will send out acceptance offers. 

How many students can the program take in?

The number will depend on how many companies we are able to partner with as well as the quality of the applicant pool. We are looking at an estimate of 30 students made of 6 Senior Consultants and 24 Junior Consultants. 

Can I apply if I will be on exchange?

We require participants to be present for certain events during the engagement period from January to April . Therefore, if are physically away for an extended period of time, you won’t be allowed in the program. If you are on exchange in Term 1, we can make arrangements for the application process. We can hold the interview over Skype, and we welcome you to apply.